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National Transport Museum, Howth Castle Demesne. 

Opening Hours

The opening hours are from 2pm - 5pm. Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays. 

The National Transport Museum, formerly the Transport Museum Society of Ireland, began with an abortive 1949 effort to preserve three Dublin trams. Totally voluntary, the Society became a limited company in 1971 and is now a registered charity, operating to international museum standards.

The museum is located in the Heritage Depot, Howth Demesne, Howth, Ireland. On 1st September 2001, the collection, increasing at an annual average rate of five, totaled 170 (average age 46 years). Sixty out of the 100 vehicles currently in Howth are on display, and others can be inspected by prior arrangement. The oldest items date from 1883, the newest 1984, 

Museum History

The Society's Museum began it's life in the Glen of lmaal in County Wicklow and operated from 1974 to 1985 before moving to it's current location at the Heritage Depot at Howth Caste, for which we are indebted to Captain Christopher Gaisford-St Lawrence, which opened on 1st June 1986.

Admission Price

Family Ticket


Adult Ticket

€ 4.50

Children, Seniors and Students

€ 3.00